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LARA Fan Community [entries|friends|calendar]
◇◆ ララ ◇◆ Fan Community


Vo.Chihiro, Gu.Ryu, Gu.Rizeru, Ba.Tewi, Dr.Jen

LARA started as Atelier Picasso with Ryu and Rizeru on guitars and Merichama@(Tewi) on the bass. They had no vocals nor drums because they could not find a perfect vocal yet. However on May 9, at the time of one event named Cheerful Presents vol.14 which would be held in Takadanobaba AREA, they found a singer as well as a drummer. In June 15, the band played at Cheerful Presents vol.15 which was held once again in Takadanobaba AREA. Like previously, Atelier Picasso had two members of sessions, to note that the singer will be different that at the time of the first event...

In July 2, Chihiro joined the band as a singer. During the summer 2005, they decided to create a new band together And LARA (ララ) was born.

Lara started with their first concert which was a One man show! It was very rare for a small indies group. Their first maxi single Ghost World was put on sale on November 11, 2005 at the price of 1000 yens. And in 2006, the band continues with their second Maxi Single: Horne Ted Town.

Please listen to their music and support them!
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シネマ [Wednesday, at 8:28pm

[ mood | calm ]

Not directly revelant to LARA, but regarding the previous entry, Shinema had left the hospital safely (so says Ryu's journal). But I did not understand if he's still going to sing on the 18th.

Posted just incase you'd want to know (laugh).

But I've been thinking, maybe I should close this journal... It's appearant that they do not want to play again as LARA... What do you think?

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Serious News regarding "トットナムホットスパー" [Monday, at 1:06pm

[ mood | sad ]

The vocalist Shinema, on March 8, had caused a traffic accident with motorcycle. He had suffered from a serious case of a skull fracture in this accident, but fortunately he isn't in a danger of life but still in the hospital. And he says he can not be in the live at the 18th. His doctors says he can not leave the hospital until the end of this month, and absolutely not less than a month.

The band apologizes that a report has been given late.

In a newly posted entry, the vocal is a 'secret' as a substitute to Shinema, but the live is not canceled.

This had been posted with the same words in both Tei's, Rizell's and Ryu's journal( I do not know Eijiro's blog.)

◆ 3/18 Takadanobaba AREA
-SOUNDONLY-Presents 『「Play truck44」 TYPE-1』

open 16:30 start 17:00
Advance sale \ 2,500(D distinction) It is \ 3000 on that day(D distinction)
"Tottenham hot spar"

Vo. secret
G. Ryu(ララ)
G. Rizeru(ララ)
Ba. Tewi (ララ)
Dr. Eijiro(ex.DEUSE)

D=OUT / LiZ / ポワトリン / カザリ / [_Vani;] lla 】 / MoNoLith / others

T_T.Yet another traffic accident... T_T;
I hope he'll get better soon.

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「王と椅子と白ウサギ」 [Friday, at 3:23pm

[ mood | chipper ]

Playing on 20.04.2007


Vo. Shin (Akihabara Shounendan Dennou Romeo)
Gt. Shino(ex.SCISSOR)
Gt. Rizeru
Ba. Tewi
Dr. Noriaki(ex.KuRt)

I somewhat giggled when I saw Noriaki will play with them. Hehe~~~

Oh and those who have MIXI,
Chihiro has a MIXI...

LARA's MIXI : http://mixi.jp/view_community.pl?id=963995
Chihiro's MIXI : (lately inactive) http://mixi.jp/show_friend.pl?id=2112594

Oh and if you want a MIXI invitation, you can send me a mail ne~

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Toaru Mahou de...PV [Tuesday, at 9:04pm

[ mood | chipper ]

I finally could download the PV, so I took screencaps for those who aren't able to watch it. I'll upload it later on Sendspace, if you want me to...

Sorry about the low quality and size. I had to take the caps by hand, because my usual players didn't play the PV...(T.T)

Image heavy. 90 in total.

90 screencapsCollapse )

Comment if you use it, credit not necessary. ♥

(Actually, I think the PV is... (laugh)...It looks like they just shoot it in the basement. But it's...lovely, in its own way. I like the halloween theme they always have.

Ryu doesn't look like he wants to be there at all XDD )

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